Really Simply Syndicate Anything

Quickly and easily create an RSS feed for your website. Then use that feed to share your content with other people and applications all over the web (and if you like, even to power your Twitter updates).

Just enter the URL to your webpage below.

If you would like to assure that the content we grab is correct, then please mark up your relevant content with this sample structure .

Why Create a Feed?

By creating a feed of your data you are making it easier for other people to share your information and use it creatively.

Use the power of social media to spread your news and information far and wide across the web. makes previously technically demanding tasks a doddle, just simply enter the URL of the page you want to share and let us work out how best to create your rss feed. If you want to ensure your feed includes all the right information, use the simple CSS rules to mark up specific elements of your HTML page to tell our system what to look out for.

Uses for your Feeds

Allow people to subscribe to your RSS feeds. Create a feed of your latest news and use this to power your Twitter updates, syndicate with services such as Feedburner , or even power the news on your Facebook Fan page.

Send Email Alerts when you Publish new Content

Add the alerts widget to a page you've created a feed for, and let your users sign up to receive email alerts when you publish new content. Copy and paste a quick bit of widget code to embed a signup form directly into your site.