www.rssa.at lets you use the power of social media to spread your news and information far and wide across the web.
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About rssa

www.rssa.at provides a simple way for non-technical people to create RSS feeds for websites.

In just a couple of steps you can create a lovely feed, complete with icon, to add to your site, your feed reader or to share with other websites. This 'live' feed will then automatically update when the content on the website updates, meaning that and all the changes and syndicated neatly across the Internet and social media outlets.

We've also synced up with Twitter, so if you enter your Twitter account details into your rssa account, we'll post your rss feed automatically up on Twitter as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an rss feed?

I could explain this, but you'll probably find a better explanation of rss here.

What is an rssa feed?

An rssa feed is what you can create on our site. The basic format is that of an rss feed. So our site lets you generate an rss feed based on the contents of your site, which we'll keep checking every 5 minutes and publish new stories for you as you publish them on your site.

Why should I create an rss feed?

There are lots of reasons to create an rss feed. By creating a feed of your data you are making it easier for other people to share your information and use it creatively.

Use the power of social media to spread your news and information far and wide across the web. Rssa.at makes previously technically demanding tasks a doddle, just simply enter the URL of the page you want to share and let us work out how best to create your rss feed. If you want to ensure your feed includes all the right information, use the simple www.rssa.at CSS rules to mark up specific elements of your HTML page to tell our system what to look out for.

Why should I use www.rssa.at to create an rss feed?

Because we're free, quick, easy, and anybody can do it! (no technical coding skills required) We also provide statistics on feed usage, as well as a feature which allows your visitors to sign up to receive periodic email alerts when you publish new content on your site. Just stick in a bit of HTML widget code, and you have an RSS feed & subscriber signup form right on your site. You can then download your subscribers details and use to build a mailing list for your site.

Do I need to know any PHP?

Nope, we've done all that for you, anyone can create an rssa feed. Just enter the URL on the homepage of our site and let us crawl your site and pick out the best content to share.

Are you anything like Feedburner?

Not really no, Feedburner is a great and very widely used tool for sharing and tracking rssfeed usage, however they assume you already have an rss feed to share. We are the step before, providing the non-technical website owner with a means to generate an rss feed of their news, events, or even shop items, which can then be used in lots of different places, including Feedburner, but also used to automate your Twitter updates, Facebook fan page updates, or to get your name around on the thousands of niche specific rss aggregator websites.

Do I have to include any special HTML markup?

By default our system will check out your site and show you the content it believe's is suitable for syndication. If you're having problems because your site's HTML doesn't follow our way of doing things, then just ask a friendly web designer to add a few handy CSS styles into your page to markup the elements you want to build into a feed. You can find the rssa markup specifications here.

Can I track visitors to see who's viewing my rssa feed?

Yes you can. First create an account , then use these details to login and view/edit/delete feeds and alert subscriptions.

I want people to subscribe to updates I make on my feed, is this possible with www.rssa.at?

Yes, this is an advanced option. So create an account , then login and you'll be able to see how many people are receiving alerts for your feed.

Can I get my subscribers email addresses?

Yes, this is also an advanced option available to those people who have an account . Login and you'll be able to view those people who have subscribed to updates and also subscribed to your general news.

How do I create an account?

When you create your feed you'll need to enter your email address in the advanced options in the final step. You'll have to first confirm you have administrative rights on the site. You'll then be created an www.rssa.at user account and sent an email containing login details.