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Why Create an rssa Feed?

There are lots of reasons why you should have an RSS feed for your website, or even multiple feeds for various uses.

And if you're on our site, then chances are you know them all already, but here are a few excellent reasons why no website should be without an rss feed, and more specifically a feed generated at www.rssa.at.

10 Reasons to Create an rssa Feed

  • Sharing News Stories

    The most obvious and mainstream use of RSS is to share news stories quickly and easily as they are published. This means you just have to write a new article on your site and your feed updates automatically. You then register your rss feed with as many other websites as possible, and they in turn also show your news. This is a great way of building traffic to your site.

  • Publishing Results

    Many people use RSS readers which run as standalone programs on their computers. These readers check their feeds at regular intervals to see if new content has been published. This is a quick and easy way for people to share and receive information in a controlled format. This type of publishing is ideal for sharing results, job openings, airline delays, etc.<,/p>

  • Automatic Twitter Updates

    The world may have gone Twitter crazy, but for many people it's just *another* thing they have to squeeze into an already hectic day. Automating your Twitter updates based on an RSS feed it just another way to keep twittering, but only have to update content in one place. Update your site, and you publish your content automatically to all your Twitter followers!

  • Facebbook Fanpage Updates

    One of the lesser know features of Facebook is the ability to include your rss news straight on a Facebook fan page. Again, much as with Twitter, this helps keep your online social media presence looking fresh, whilst not taking up any more of your valuable time.

  • Email Alerts

    What makes an rss feed generated with www.rssa.at even better is the ability to include a simple feed update alerts widget, to let your visitors subscribe and receive automatic alert emails when you publish new content. They're happy as they get up-to-the-minute information, and you're happy as you're bringing people back to your website to read your latest article.

  • Mailing Lists

    Visitors can also tick a little checkbox if they're interested in receiving news or other information from you. This means you can build a mailing list really easily and simply, again helping to build up customer and visitor loyalty to your website and your brand.

  • Track your Visitors

    Create an rss feed with www.rssa.at and you can login and check how many people have read your feed every day, week, month or whenever you want.

    It's pretty cool and nice to know someone is reading.

I got bored contact me with your ideas and tell me how you use rss feeds.